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Innovate Our Way Out


Innovation (Photo credit: Seth1492)

Nevada will need to innovate our way out by creating a culture of innovation which requires partners in education, industry and our community.

What is your definition of innovation?

The SHRM Board of Directors Chair Bette Francis, told HR professionals at SHRM 2013 that supporting innovation is their most pressing organizational goal.  It is critical to the success of every organization.  “We need to innovate our way out of the problems we face,” she said.  She further explained HR professionals play a critical role in creating real organizational change by helping to build a culture that actively supports innovation.  I agree that HR professionals need to roll up their sleeves and become part of the solution in moving organizations forward.

She cited innovation expert Michael Stanleigh, CEO of Business Improvement Architects who found the most innovative organizations:

1. Keep their organizational structures flat

2. Dare their employees to dream

3. Expect employees to regularly present new ideas to senior management–no matter how off-the-wall they may seem.

She said it is the company culture that determines success of innovation.  If it is not supported by management or is frowned upon by peers the flow of ideas will shut down.  She described a culture of innovation as one to encourage collaboration, it gives people the confidence to make suggestions, and sees mistakes as steps on the road to success.

This is where HR has a vital role to play in higher education and in Nevada HR can serve as a catalyst for change with a shortage of skilled workers, and close the global skills gap.  No doubt a cultural change in Nevada will be a challenge as the culture of the old wild west is fiercely independent.  But as Francis emphasized, “It is up to us“, to shape the future of business, the workplace and millions of workers around the world.

Please share your experiences with creating a culture of innovation.